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49cc SkaterX Gas Skate Board - FREE SHIPPING - Motobuys.com
49cc SkaterX Gas Skate Board - FREE SHIPPING - Motobuys.com49cc SkaterX Gas Skate Board - FREE SHIPPING - Motobuys.com

49cc SkaterX Gas Skate Board - FREE SHIPPING - Motobuys.com

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The new 2013 SkaterX is now in stock! The new model includes reinforced frame and new wooden deck. Both of the new features were made for our more extreme riders that were beating these to death!

The frame is thicker and has many gussets that the previous years did not have. The new wooden board is much stronger than the old fiberglass design and comes fully grip taped for maximum control.

The SkaterX Gas Skateboard has been around since 2003 and has always been one of our most popular models. The SkaterX is great for lazy skateboarders who dont want to push and for surfers who dont want to swim.

The SkaterX is also great for those who just have to have the most extreme toy possible. Always wear safety gear head to toe when riding the SkaterX Gas Skateboard.

Carries up to 250lbs.


Wooden deck The deck is made of bamboo which is extremely durable and much stronger than fiberglass.

49cc Gas Engine This is one of the most powerfull 49cc motors on the market. Comes stock with high compression head!

Top speed 25 mph 33mph with upgrades! Torque Box and HP Filter. We recommend this for professionals only!

Centrifugal Clutch This is an Automatic clutch

9 x 3.5 inch Sport Tires These tires are meant for on and off road use. They are a dual sport tire.

Rear drum brake The SkaterX is the only model we sell that uses a drum brake. The disc brake stops to suddenly for the SkaterX and make the rider unstable. The drum makes a nice gradual stop.

Trigger Throttle This is a trigger you pull in to accelerate. Much easier than a twist throttle for this type of application.

Weight limit 250lbs


Lancer ScooterX's 30 day Warranty covers any part on this go kart that is factory defective or manufacture defect. Meaning if something is mechanically wrong with your product we will take care of it by sending out replacement parts. If something comes broken or missing from package we will send a new part to you immediately. The warranty covers anything that is wrong or goes wrong withing 30 days of purchase date.

If you have a broken or damaged part please fill out the parts request form and we will send you a new part. This is found on the bottom of our home page.

Whats not covered under warranty?

- Tire tubes that get punchured from driving. If the tube is flat the day you get your product do to manufacturer defect we will replace it. If you get a flat because something punchured the tube while driving this will not be covered under warranty.

What will void my factory warranty?

Misuse and abuse

Misuse example: You didnt put any 2 stroke oil in your gas and you blew up your motor. Warranty void on motor, all other parts on scooter will still be warrantied.

Abuse example: You crashed your product and broke it. Warranty void on broken parts

Abuse example 2: You are jumping your item and something breaks, warranty void.