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Unit does not start or turn over.

1 Is key on? 2 Is unit in neutral position? UTV/ATV/dirt bike/go carts 3 Is brake lever being applied on one or both hand brake levers? Scooters & ATV's   Press the foot pedal and Hold it down while starting on Go Karts. 4 Is engine kill button on position? "o" position not "x" 5 Is safety lynard switch on handle bars in place? "red switch" or "black round plug" found at rear of atv models. 6 Is battery filled with acid and charged to min 12.0 volts? 7 Are all battery connections connected and tight not "loose"? 8 Is fuse intact not "blown" check with multimeter or test light? 10 ampere.

Unit cranks but does not start

1 Does unit have fuel in gas tank? 2 Is manual choke on/up position for atv's, dirt bikes, scooters with manual lever. 3 Is fuel valve in the 'on' or 'reserve' position not in the 'off' position. 4 Are fule lines "hoses" connected to filter following to carburetor? 5 Are any hoses not connected? besides venting hoses.

Symptoms and Remedies

1 Fuel leaking from hose or carburetor. Remedy: if unit is light enough lift rear of bike and drop few times to settle float in carburetor. 2 Engine runs rough "black smoke coming from exhaust pipe" Remedy: check choke make sure in off "down position" 3 Engine runs for a few seconds and dies carburetor needs idle adjustment Remedy: contact tech support for instructions on your particular unit. 4 Engine has burning smell at first start up, is normal will subside after few minutes of operation. 5 Two whell bike feels sluggish in turning Remedy: inflate tires to 30 to 35 psi.