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LANCER 49cc Baja Off Road Go Kart -
LANCER 49cc Baja Off Road Go Kart - LANCER 49cc Baja Off Road Go Kart - LANCER 49cc Baja Off Road Go Kart -

LANCER 49cc Baja Off Road Go Kart -

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The Lancer 49cc Baja Go Kart is an awesome solution to get your kids started in the Go-Kart world. The Baja has dual sport tires that can be used for on or off road applications. This model can be ridden by children or adults.

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The 49cc Baja Off Road Go Kart comes standard with the following listed features.

49cc 2 stroke Gas Engine: This is one of the most powerfull 2 stroke 49cc engines of this type on the market.

Also EPA Approved and legal in 49 states, not Calif!

Top Speed 28-32mph: Kart can go even faster with upgrades.

Centrifugal Clutch: This is an Automatic clutch

8" off road tires: All 4 tires have a nice nobby tread for off road use. Can also be used on smooth road surfaces.

Rear Disc Brakes: Comes with rear disc brake which gives you plenty of stopping power.

Trigger throttle and Hand Brake: Both throttle and brake are hand controls.

Gear Box: Upgrade racing style Gear box

Gas Tank: 1 Liter

Safety Flag: 3' Orange safety flag to keep you more visible to other drivers!

Bumpers: This Go Kart comes with front and rear bumpers

Warranty: 30 day Factory parts, Free life time tech support!

Shipping Details: This item via ships Fedex

Available upgrades: Timing key, PK-Pipe, Upgraded Carburetor, Hp filter, velocity stack, and choke lever.

Max Weight: 250lbs


30 day bumper to bumper Warranty

30 day Warranty covers any part on the scooter, go kart, gas skateboard that is factory defective or manufacture defect. Meaning if something is mechanically wrong with your product we will take care of it by sending out replacement parts. If something comes broken or missing from package we will send a new part to you immediately. The warranty covers anything that is wrong or goes wrong withing 30 days of purchase date.

How do we handle the warranty?

- If you have a technical issue such as engine wont start, brakes dont work, etc.. we suggest reading our tech support page or watching our tech support videos. This is our tech support line open mon-fri 8am to 4pm pacific standard time.

- If you have a broken or damaged part please fill out the parts request form and we will send you a new part.

Whats not covered under warranty? - Tire tubes that get punchured from driving. If the tube is flat the day you get your product do to manufacturer defect we will replace it. If you get a flat because something punchured the tube while driving this will not be covered under warranty.

What will void my factory warranty? - If the product was sold for under 15% of MSRP This one is self explanitory. If the product was sold for less than 15% of the prices you see on this website we will offer you no warranty. - Misuse and abuse Misuse example: You didnt put any 2 stroke oil in your gas and you blew up your motor. Warranty void on motor, all other parts on scooter will still be warrantied. Abuse example: You crashed your product and broke it. Warranty void on broken parts Abuse example 2: You are jumping your item and something breaks, warranty void.